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      About Us - Bio's
      "A" Joseph K. Alles (Deceased) "T" Mark A. Taylor (PARTNER) "D" Scott Ducommun (PARTNER)
        Mark Scott



      “Taylor”, Mark A. Taylor (Partner): Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado, License Number 46065.

      Mark started working for Freese Engineering in 1999 while attending Aims Community College. At this time Mark was working as a survey rodman and later as a survey crew chief. Through this period Mark transferred to Colorado State University and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Construction Management and graduated in December of 2005. After graduation from CSU, Mark started working in the Civil Engineering Field as a design engineer for Freese Engineering. Prior to attending college, Mark was an equipment operator and truck driver for Elam Construction on the western slope. Mark gained actual first-hand building experience. It has proven to be beneficial in his own designing of civil site infrastructure that meets the intent of the City and County Design Codes. He has proven cost effective design and constructability for the project owners.

      A few of the engineering projects that Mark has worked on are Berthoud Parkway Plaza Subdivision, Anadarko Regional field Headquarters in Evans, CO, Dollar General in Greeley, Ace Hardware in Ft. Lupton, Corral Bay Liquor and numerous other site designs in Weld County and the surrounding areas. Flood Hazard Development Permits (FHDP) is another field Mark has been working in and includes Detailed Floodplain Studies (Hec-Ras River Modeling).

      "Duke", Scott Ducommun (Partner): Professional Licensed Surveyor in the State of Colorado, license number 37041.

      Scott was introduced to the surveying and mapping industry through his father’s influence as the manager of Grand County Water and Sanitation District No. 1 in Winter Park, Colorado. Scott attended Denver Institute of Technology in 1990 and obtained an Associate of Science degree in the art of Surveying and Mapping. Scott has worked for a number of engineering and surveying firms in the State of Colorado conducting field surveying operations as well as cadd drafting, site and subdivision design drafting and subdivision planning. Scott moved from Denver to Greeley in December, 1996 and teamed up with Jasper Freese of Freese Engineering. Scott met Mark Taylor through a class that Jasper was instructing in 1998, and Scott and Mark planned on starting their own company after Mark received his Professional Engineering certification and when Jasper was ready to retire.

      A few projects (out of many) that Scott has worked on are Jefferson County Open Space, Tuscany Subdivision, The Greeley Freight Station Museum, Roybec Subdivision, General Dollar, and the land survey of the Alma Placer Mine in Alma, Colorado.

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